When I think about social media, the first thing that comes to my mind is power. Yes, it is a very powerful tool when it comes to everything about World Wide Web. It is like a fire that cannot be put out. It continuously grows year after year and there is no sign of it slowing down. If you think that social media is only limited to you and your group of family and friends, then you are strongly mistaken. Social media encompasses a variety of things. In fact, social media not only makes or breaks a person but it can also influence business growth.DAI-Social-Madness-Hands-304

Social media is considered as one of the powerful marketing tool these days, be it finding leads or actually promoting the product. One would wonder if there are still things that are not touched by the social media phenomena. I doubt it because even the littlest thing that appears in your account or the account of others is due to the influence of the social media.

Life would never be the same again without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other social media that are used by the millions of people all over the world. In a way, social media shows more positive benefits than negative ones. If you look at it the power that they have is used to make unknown brands be known and famous overnight. It can build business that can provide jobs for the community or even a country.

As I see it, there is also a negative aspect of a social media. The privacy is a bit on the risky side because anyone can see you and even access your account. The security features need to have some more development and improvement in the future but other than that social media is a blessing and benefit for most of the people.