There are plenty of hotels in the city—some part of an international or countrywide chain, others privately-owned. The market is becoming increasingly competitive, which is why a lot of independent hotel owners extend their marketing efforts to social media sites like Facebook.

The only problem is local hotels invest only in social media—which can be good for reaching out to local guests—and seem to favour traditional advertising, not realizing the potential digital marketing can offer, especially PPC campaigns. It will also help businesses in the hospitality industry to advertise on Google. Here’s how PPC can help hotels increase their reach, build brand awareness, and even increase bookings.

PPC lets your hotel appear first on SERPs

The main market for all hotels is anyone visiting the city needing a place to stay temporarily. Reaching tourists can be made easier when your links show up first on top search engines like Google.

However, it could be difficult to rank first, especially when your offers are as competitive as other hotels. One way of getting the job done is by paying for the rank. Investing in a PPC campaign can be an easier way to advertise your business online, and more importantly, have you reach your target audience.

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PPC lets you use the last minute booking strategy

Because you’re paying for your ads to appear first online, they have the advantage of being seen by more people. You can implore a sense of urgency in your ad strategy, allowing more people to feel like they have to book as soon as possible before you run out of rooms.

This strategy works because people know they can’t delay their bookings any further, especially when they think they’re running up against other possible guests.

PPC can let you attract foreign guests

Search engines are a better option for reaching a global audience. With the right keywords and a strong, consistent PPC campaign, even local hotels can be at par with international chains.

It’s important to note that consistency in your branding also helps you market your hotel better. Consistent branding makes any business look more legitimate, which lets foreign clients trust you better.


PPC can let you promote reviews

This marketing technique allows future guests to know why they should check in. With a PPC campaign, you can let these reviews appear on your landing page, and even use several keywords from these reviews to highlight your hotel.

Using PPC campaigns is a great way to market local hotels, and great for reaching broader audiences. Compared to traditional advertising methods, PPC is cost friendly and up-to-date. Luckily, you can always advertise on Facebook before you try to advertise on Google. If you get lost in a loophole, you can always contact a company that specializes in PPC campaigns.

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