Whether we deny it or not, whenever you type ‘f’ on your internet browser’s address bar, Facebook will immediately fill the space provided. Same goes when you type ‘t’ or ‘i’ which results in Twitter and Instagram respectively. Well, this truth does not only apply to you but to the three billion people all over the globe that uses social media platforms every day.

These numbers grow every day.

If you are running a small business and trying to jumpstart your brand online, you can take advantage of these statistics. How? By hiring a reliable digital marketing agency that offers social media services in Davao like Coffeebot Solutions.

What can social media services do to make your brand thrive on the internet?


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Establish your brand’s social media presence

Creating an account for various social media sites would only take a minute, but making a powerful presence on the platform needs more time and content. Through the production of branded content infused with expert social media copywriting provided by social media agencies, your brand will improve its performance online whether it caters for a niche audience or for everyone.

Share your business’ products and services

You set up your business social media page to share your brand with the world. In order to make use of social media’s full potential to advertise your products and services, digital media agencies create social media calendars to schedule your posts on peak times and curate branded and varied content such as photos, videos, and curated links to diversify your tweets.

Build a relationship with your target audience

There are two metrics that measure the success of a business – engagement and reach. To make sure that your small business gets high statistics in the aforementioned metrics, you can hire a social media expert to manage your page. Having someone engage with your followers will increase engagement rates and audience reach. With the use of various tools such as chatbots and Hootsuite, it will be easier to like, reply, comment, and share the interactions of your target audience.



Turn your followers and likers into customers

Making your followers on Twitter and Instagram and likers on Facebook feel like you are having a legitimate relationship with your brand through the power of the human touch will definitely convert them into loyal customers. How do social media managers do that? By developing engaging, interactive, and trending content, including in the comments section!



The future of your small business on websites like Facebook and Instagram relies on how competitive your social media manager is. If you are searching for a versatile social media agency in Davao City with expertise in marketing and strategizing, contact Coffeebot Solutions today.