Email and chat support saves customers from the frustration associated when making phone calls, figuring out which keys to press, and the long wait time just to speak with a representative. No wonder more and more companies are turning their backs from phone support and into this type of medium. However, superb customer service takes more than just using this technology. Virtual assistant services of this type greatly contributes to the level of satisfaction felt by customers.

It does not matter what type of online company you’re working for, a good email and chat support representative must practice the following:

“Customer’s First before Profit” Attitude

When helping customers, email and chat support agents should add personality into their replies. At the same time, they should always comprehend the customer’s concern and address it as quick as possible. For example, a customer needs your product sent to them immediately, then make it happen. Little sacrifices, even when costing you a bit more, help you gain the trust and loyalty of customers.

Don’t be Too Strict

Agents who stick “by-the-book” often creates a stiff and boring customer service experience. In a sense, you are required to follow customer service policies. However, agents must make their own decisions in what type of style they will use. The agents take customers at ease when they use a style they find comfortable.

Be Knowledgeable

Customers usually contact support because they need more information. If an agent can’t effectively answer their customers’ questions, they’ll only add up to their confusion. Thus, agents need to be knowledgeable about their products and services. If in case you stumble on a very difficult inquiry, don’t hesitate to ask for a supervisor’s advice. Or perhaps, if you work with other agents who are less knowledgeable, share what you know.

Take a Break to Avoid Overworking

Spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen may fade your effectiveness down. To always be on top of the game, take necessary breaks throughout the shift. Surely, your boss won’t mind if you take short walks and chats with your co-agent.

Familiarized Canned Responses by Heart

Canned responses are designed to shorten response time especially when customer concerns are repeating. The ability to recall canned responses and understanding their meaning allows you to effectively convey the message on to your customers.

Shortcut Keys are Your Best Friend

Both email and chat support have handling time. Especially with chat, you need to have great speed when replying to your customers. This is where shortcut keys come in handy. Use them, but not all the time.


Email and chat support agents carry a huge role as front-liners, representing the whole company to their customers. That’s why, companies must invest on this important contributor that would lead to the end point called success.