Everyone pays a visit to the hospital at least once every year, whether for serious concerns or a general check-up. With that, hospitals, and other medical facilities and laboratories at that, can be considered an essential part of life.

With our lives growing more and more digitized, it would only make sense that something important to living our lives like medical clinics adapt as well. While it’s not necessary for your local hospital to produce an app that can diagnose symptoms with the touch of a few buttons, it is important that a clinic has a great social media campaign.

So what exactly does it mean for your hospital/clinic to have said effective campaign? Here are a few useful pointers.

Express Who You Are As A Hospital

Patients tend to feel better about going to the hospital when they see that there is good quality care awaiting them. Going to the hospital should be nothing to be afraid of, especially for children. This is why expressing the fact that your clinic has a heart and is most concerned about providing professional care is important.

Videos and images of your doctors and/or staff bonding with patients, your top-tier facilities, and testimonials from past patients who are happy with your services are a great way to do so. (Note: It’s crucial that you have the patients’ full consent!)

Research On The Most Used Keywords In Your Area

Since you’re a medical facility, you would definitely want foot traffic, and the way to achieve such is to appeal to your local audience. 

Work on getting links for your website (if you have one, which is highly recommended), as well as knowing the best hashtags for your services. With enough research, you can make use of the data to make sure your content is reaching the right people.

Make Sure Your Messages Are Checked Frequently

Given that most medical concerns are rather urgent, keeping track of messages is incredibly important. It’s understandable that hospitals can get busy, but it’s vital that these potential patients’ concerns are addressed as soon as possible, too.

Having someone watch out for incoming messages and respond to them efficiently come in very helpful, especially for peak hours. Setting up a chatbot that can improve efficiency greatly, especially in emergency cases. Knowing the frequently asked questions or FAQs and using them as a basis for your automated response system is a brilliant step to take.

These are just the three basic aspects of an effective campaign that should ensured, there are many more smaller details must be ensured as well. Sounds like tough work? That’s because it can be, but you don’t have to do things yourself.

Outsourcing your campaign to an experienced social media agency in Davao is your best bet for getting the work you need done without breaking the marketing budget. Want to learn more? Send us an email and let’s talk!