I was thinking that developing a great content article could be compared to following a recipe when cooking. There are ingredients you need to prepare and procedures you need to follow when you cook, I believe this is also true when you write or develop your content articles.


A bowl of active imagination

Knowledge of your audience

A dash of creativity

A choice of laptop or desktop

A hefty serving of internet connection


  1. When we write content articles, we are given different topics to write about. Some are interesting, some are boring and some are bizarre. It takes a lot of imagination to spin write-ups on the different topics. Even the most boring topics can be interesting if you have the proper attitude and active imagination.
  2. Know the audience that will read your article. Of course we are aiming for the majority of the whole world’s population but that is dreaming too big. When we write we have to think about whom the audience is and how they will respond to your writing. Most people would rather prefer to see an article that is interesting and short.
  3. Since we come to realize that some topics can be quite uninteresting then our creativity would be a helpful boost for it. Remember that writers can only have a limit if they themselves put it there.
  4. When we write our content articles, we will need a computer and internet connection. These tools are very important for storing the articles and for searching topics and other related topics that will help make our content articles more interesting to the viewing public.


When you write your content articles, it is not about quantity but quality that will help you in the long run. What good is quantity if it has no substance at all?