It’s been a few months since the escalation of the current pandemic, along with the precautionary measures made to prevent its spread. All around the world, companies are doing their best to keep their businesses up and running. In these interesting times, where most of your customer base is either indoors or using the internet to cope with their situation, a tasteful and well-handled digital marketing plan can help your business gain high engagement and gather new leads despite the troubles of physical contact in the outside world. Even today, email marketing remains a relevant digital marketing plan, and we, as an email marketing company in Davao City, can attest to that. But, due to COVID-19, there have to be certain strategies to follow, considering the sensitivity of the topic of the pandemic.

How can you tackle email marketing campaigns in today’s climate?

Double-check your tone


The best and most effective kinds of email marketing campaigns are the ones who opt for a more personalized approach, using language that is less obviously salesy and more engaging and conversational. However, this might be a bit more difficult now that there’s a pandemic overshadowing our thoughts. When writing emails that mention or use COVID-19 as subject matter, make sure that your tone of voice is appropriate for the kind of information that you are delivering. The pandemic is a serious issue, and a flippant, dismissive or even dramatic tone of voice can seriously turn off a lot of people.

Provide Useful Information

Ask yourself after making that first draft: is this email useful to your target demographic? Will it be informative? Will it be helpful? Is it necessary? If you’re just going to inform them about the current pandemic, then that would seem very patronizing. Likewise, if you’re mentioning COVID-19 in a context that’s not relevant to your demographic’s interests (such as telling them that your crew is currently home-based), then most likely it will be skipped. When sending emails, make sure that the paragraphs within are worthy of being noticed and replied to.

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