Over the years, Google went from being an option to the first choice when it comes to our queries. Gone are the days when we rode our bikes to the library just to know who did the first this and that. Today, if you want to settle an argument, you don’t need to browse through the pages of books. All you need to do is type out a quick Google search, check the first page, and voila! Fact: checked. 

Most of us rely on Google, not just to assert our opinions, but to help us with everyday decisions as well. Whenever we need to buy something or eat somewhere, most of us look to Google for ideas. For businesses, on the other end of this transaction, to be presented as Google’s top result is a sweet spot. 

If your business website gets there today, internally that means your page just went through a lightning-fast assessment conducted by Google’s super picky search robots. As a virtual assistant service company who has helped several businesses reach this coveted spot, we speak from experience when we say that reaching this coveted spot is a continuous climb—it may not be the easiest thing to do, but it is not impossible, and it sure is worth it.


To Start Small Is To Think Big

Before you take the first step to your seemingly endless (yet certainly rewarding) climb, you first need to realize why you’re climbing in the first place. For many businesses, they want to stand out amongst their competition. This brings to mind the brands in your industry that are already established. 

Establishing your online presence is not about who gets there first. It’s about whose Google AdWords service company works more consistently and effectively. Business owners don’t necessarily need to reach everybody, just the right people. Establishing trust even with the smallest viable audience can help you with your climb in ways you never even thought possible.




So how do you reach this smallest viable audience? Start with proven and calculated methods. Talking about the technicalities this time, you need to align your website with the factors that affect search engine rankings. This practice is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 


Think Like Your Audience

SEO involves the use of Keywords. Whenever users search for products and services related to your brand, Google answers back with web pages related to the search query. For example, whenever they put in “coffee shop in Davao City”, Google will look into its index of websites containing the words entered by the user. So whenever you set the right keywords to help your website climb through the ranks, think about what your ideal audience would search for. 


Strategic Placing

After determining your keywords, make sure to place them where Google’s search robots would look. You can place keywords in the Title, or in the Meta Description (that little piece of text under the title in Google search results), or in the Alt Tags (the text alternative that comes with images). 


Create Valuable Content

All this time, we may have been implying that Google is a picky robot that is good at searching for stuff on the Internet. But be warned, this search super robot can tell whether your website offers valuable content or not. The best way to reach the first page of Google’s search results page is to provide valuable content for your audience. 


In the end, reaching your smallest viable audience requires the building of trust and relevance. If your content is not useful for users, it will soon lose its spot on the top. Reach out to your digital marketing specialists from Coffeebot today, and we’ll talk about how we’ll climb through the search ranks together.