Follow us on Twitter – You can read and hear this tagline by most people these days. Businesses find it more profitable and easy when they use Twitter as part of the online marketing campaign for their products and services. In fact, it can really increase your visibility. That is the magic of the social networking sites. Using Twitter can be all the rage these days but one also has to make sure that they know what they are doing before embarking on this marketing plan. After all, one also has to be careful on what you put out in the internet community because it can haunt you as well in the future.


So before making those hashtags and whatnots in the Twitter world here are some reminders for your Twitter account to be successful:


Be interesting

As you know a tweet is made up of only 140 characters so it is not going to work if you will be writing something that is not attention getting. Make your tweet short and simple but interesting enough to get the attention of the target market.

Be truthful

Making interesting tweet does not mean you have to go to the dark side. Make it interesting but still regain your integrity as a business. Avoid writing scandalous or titillating tweets that can be off putting to the public. Maintain the respectability and integrity.

Write the link

Make sure that you put the link to your website when you tweet about your product or service. Since there will be few spaces in your tweets at least the link can be a way for customers to get to know your product more in depth.

The Twitter world is a gold mine of possibilities for most businesses but one has to be warned that it can also be the opposite side, so decide well and make your Twitter account be a success.