With companies, industries, institutions and small businesses alike taking measures to prevent further infection, a good number of their operations have also been moved to the online world. Digital marketing has become more important now than it has ever been before, but not every online marketing campaign is going to be successful without the proper guidance. As an SEO agency, we’ve used a variety of strategies to boost sales and website traffic for our clients, strategies that could help both new and old businesses alike. Here are a few ways for you to improve your company’s search engine optimization.


Improve Your Website Design and Navigation


The bounce rate of a website can be dependent on the first visual impressions it gives to your potential clients. Things like tacky colors and inconsistent design can turn off visitors and make them close the page in disinterest. Likewise, if they do stick around longer to browse what the rest of the website has to offer, they might be turned off by the website’s inefficient navigation (meaning that getting to certain pages takes time and can be confusing.) Make sure that your website gives a good first impression.


Use Outbound Links and Backlinks


Backlinks are links that can lead towards your website, while outbound links are links from your website that lead towards other websites. Both of these link types are important for improving your search engine optimization, but in different ways: while backlinks from other sites (like blog sites and the like) ensure that clicks will lead to your website and increase traffic, outbound links give legitimacy to your website content and boost popularity in search rankings. Optimizing the use of both links can greatly improve your SEO campaigns.

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