With Davao City having experienced a noticeable boom in more ways than one over the last five years, it’s easy to see why Davao outsourcing companies are popping up here and there. The pool of potential BPO champions in the city continues to grow.

The numbers

In 2016, according to a report by Edge Davao, the city had 35,000 BPO workers, earning it a status as one of the “Next Wave Cities,” following better established cities Manila, Cebu, Clark, Iloilo, and Bacolod.

Over eight years before that, a GMA news network article cited a study predicting Davao as the next big outsourcing hub. Now, in 2017, there are over 60 outsourcing companies in Mindanao, majority of which are based in Davao City.

With this, interested clients may have trouble discerning on which company they should go with.

In order to better narrow down the list to a single company that’s sure to fit your needs, here are some things that you should look for when deciding on a company to work with.

Points clients should note:


Any reliable company will have a good portfolio of work done for both past and present clients. Examine the quality of the work, and more importantly, see if the quality’s consistent.

Despite Davao being a relatively new name in BPO, this shouldn’t be a reason for companies to not have a substantial portfolio.

Positive reviews

Along with their provided portfolio, potential clients should also check with past clients for reviews. How did their collaboration turn out? Whether the deal ended on a positive or negative note, you can bet that past clients will be honest.

Ability to communicate

Given that dealing with an outsourcing company will require mostly virtual interaction, it’s important that your outsourcing company makes the interaction as easy as face to face dealings. This applies both to their dealing with you and with your customers.

In terms of their interaction with you, they should be accessible. This is important so as to make updates quick and easy, not to mention a lot more consistent too.

In terms of their dealing with your customers, they should have such a good grasp of language (typically English). They must be fluent on the language and able to sound as natural as a native speaker.


It’s important for any outside help that you bring in to understand and share your company’s vision. Since outsourced workers are contractual and most likely working with other companies aside from yours, you can’t expect them to fully commit to your company alone.

You should have flexible workers who are able to, at the very least, adapt to your company with the work they do for you. It would be quite awkward for a worker you hired to answer customer messages the way their other client may have instructed them to.

It’s also ideal for your outsourced workers to be able to adapt to your industry and more or less understand your market and business beyond just the basics. With this, you can be sure that whatever work they do, it’s tailored for your company’s needs and vision.


It’s important to stress here that confidence doesn’t mean cocky. A confident company is able to provide you with concrete insights and show you plans, a cocky company wouldn’t have anything to show for their promises and would be all air.

More importantly, a truly confident company would make you feel confident as well, since you’re not worried about putting your trust in them.

With all those qualities listed, it’s up to business owners now to see what the checks and exes are with their potential outsourcing partners. Diligence pays when signing with an outsourcing company, and in time, you’ll be sure to find Davao’s best outsourcing office that’ll help with your company’s needs and help you on your path to success.