Social media has always been a key part of today’s marketing. Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites proved to be great ways for people to communicate with each other, which in turn made it easier for companies to reach out and promote their products to a wider audience. This is why digital marketing companies, like our own social media agency in Davao City, are in demand. In 2020, however, such online services are needed now more than ever.

With the onset of the novel coronavirus, social media has been more active now than it usually is, in the same a shopping mall is most crowded during a midnight sale, except this sale is lasting more than a few months. In this time, a solid social media plan is essential to keeping your business’ online presence stable.

Here are a few ways to maintain your business’ social media presence in 2020.


1: Assess The Desirability of Your Product and Service.


Each business provides a different kind of product or service, from food to jewelry to real estate. While some products and services may be less urgently needed at the moment (like real estate), others are still in demand, maybe more so (like food.) If access to your product or service is made difficult by the pandemic, focus on social media content that maintains high-engagement and keeps it relevant. Conversely, if your product or service is desired during the pandemic, make sure to emphasize that and show how available it is.



2: Strengthen your Brand’s Online Voice


With social media abuzz with various companies and businesses who want to be seen and heard, it’s important to have a firm online “voice,” an identity that shows that there’s an engaging human identity behind your company’s social media account. Personalization is an important part of digital marketing, as people online are more inclined to a more intimate writing voice than an indifferent one. Make sure that your online voice is engaging but not intrusive, sympathetic but not melodramatic. If your company needs assistance in maintaining such a social media voice, you can always outsource our social media services in Davao City to help you out.