Essentially, the adage, “do not judge a book by its cover” doesn’t work to websites. Customers and web visitors do judge your websites. They have varied opinions and some of them can be harsh critics. Most web designers have a dilemma when making a website. They have to consider many factors so that it can be popular to most people. So, how can you make your website lovable or at the least interesting so that people would want to go back to it again?

Simple and Uncomplicated

It may seem far-fetched and impossible but it would be better if your website is streamlined. Most people who surf the net are in a hurry to look for things, so they would  rather see a website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You could put sophisticated animation but sometimes it lessens the appeal. After a while the novelty of this kind of gimmicks wore off, so it would be better to stay at a simple but highly functional website.

The Product and the Customer

Websites are tools for you to reach out to more customers. So, it would mostly be about them and not just the products or services you are selling. There has to be a balance of talking about your products but at the same time you are also helping the prospective clients find out for themselves if they really want to use your product. The customer has to feel that you have their interest at heart.

Making a website is not a simple task to do. There has to always be a balance between words and graphics. One cannot have too much word or too many graphics. So it is best that one has to analyze carefully first what you want your viewing public want to know about your company and how do you want them to feel after they visit your website.