In every office, there is always a mixture of personalities. There is the outgoing type and the shy type. These kinds of personalities help contribute to the success of the team. As a manager or as a leader, you need to balance out everything to produce optimum results. Managing outgoing personalities is a lot easier since they tend to be transparent in their behavior. Now, shy people on the other hand, need a very different approach. They might be soft-spoken, shun away from the spotlight or sometimes appear as unmotivated, but they have equally good ideas as their outgoing counterparts. Since outgoing employees tend to be noticed more, you can shift your focus to the shy ones since they have untapped potential that can help the team succeed.

[Tweet “Never hesitate to invest time in building a good relationship with a shy employee. “]What you want to do with managing a shy employee is to draw out their strengths. Studies show that quiet employees are prone to reflection which then leads to creativity and better decision making. This alone can help you, the manager in getting positive results from your team. Approximately 1 of every 3 employees nowadays is leaning towards the introvert or shy type. So, as a manager, if you need a dose of humble competence, it’s time to place your attention to the shy ones. Here are some tips on how to manage the shy employee.

1. Never hesitate to invest time in building a good relationship with a shy employee. You can schedule regular one-on-one meetings to build rapport and trust. You just need to remember that non-critical conversations are vital when you do this. This will help the shy employee open up and feel at ease with you.

2. Take the time to understand why the employee is shy. There are several reasons why an employee is apprehensive of certain social behaviors. They might feel intimidated by the manager or they might have a fear of speaking in front of an audience. The important thing is you understand why they are that way, so you can plan your approach with them accordingly.shy filipino employees

3. According to several researches, social situations can cause anxiety to introvert characters resulting in handicapped problem solving, memory and language skills. To maximize the skills of a shy employee, make sure to give them time to prepare and plan out whatever task it is that you assign to them. You can also offer to assist them if necessary.

4. Never push them to the limit. Respect their boundaries. Even though you want them get out of their comfort zone, you do not want to push them further than what they are ready for. If somehow this happens, make sure to step back and respect your employee’s wishes.

If you’ve done these steps, you’ll be creating a mutually beneficial working environment for you and your shy employee. Now, just sit back and reap the rewards of focusing your attention to the most overlooked type of employee in the workforce.