Ask any avid deal hunter or brand follower and they’ll tell you just how important email is to them. Keeping up with new collections, flash sales, and even newsletters and blog posts is definitely more efficiently done with emails. It’s no wonder that technology market research firm The Radicati Group found out in their last email statistics report that more than 290 billion emails are sent daily.

With the COVID-19 pandemic that’s rendering the world (and thousands, if not millions) of businesses vulnerable, it’s no surprise that these numbers have skyrocketed even further. Most work is now done from home, and more people are online than before. With all that said, there is no better time for you to step up your email marketing campaign management, and you can do that by doing a few tweaks to help it develop during this crucial time.


Send out timely updates

In times like these, It is helpful to have real-time updates on both the situation at hand and the ways for your business to adjust to it. The latter, in particular, helps your customers feel more grounded and calm with regard to any transactions that they may have or were planning to have with your company. Thorough information regarding any new changes in hours of operation, limits on your services, and safety protocols undertaken are essential updates to provide in real time as much as possible.


Be extra careful with words

Situations such as this are particularly unique in that the whole world is also affected, which is why it pays to be extra careful with the word choices in your email. It would be wise for you to double check any previously scheduled content and see if there are any statements that may seem “tone-deaf” or somewhat insensitive given the current state that many people are in. Basically, if there are any topics or things mentioned that can be misunderstood, it’s always best to opt for the safer move and switch to less risky word choices.



Go easy on the sales talk

In relation to being more careful with your emails, it is also a good idea to stay away from the heavy sales talk and pitches for the moment. Keep in mind that most people will have health and safety concerns taking up most of their time, so it may not be so wise to try and sell to them explicitly right now. That’s not to say, however, that you have to stop building your relationship with your customers.

You can continue establishing your presence with emails focusing on informative content and even messages of gratitude and encouragement. This doesn’t just maintain contact with your customer (or potential customer) base, but also helps them see your business in a more favorable light.


During this period of uncertainty, email marketing remains significant in keeping businesses afloat, people employed, and customer needs met. With that said, there is definitely no better time to take your email campaign to the next level with the right email marketing campaign services provider.

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