With huge changes triggered by the pandemic, the old rules in email marketing no longer apply. Letting an existing strategy, especially in selling, adapt to the new normal must be a top priority by email marketing campaign services to address the changing needs brought about by a struggling economy. Despite the changing times, email marketing remains as the most effective marketing platform, based on a study in 2018.

Should you pitch a sale through email marketing campaigns in today’s climate? If yes, how? As an email marketing company in Davao, we’re here to help you answer these questions.


Consider the relevance of your product or service today

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, both the regular ones and the prospects and try to see how their priorities have changed before and during the pandemic. Reevaluate whether the value your business provided previously still holds the same significance during the present.

What should be retained, what should be tweaked, and what should be removed?

Why does your product or service exist and why do your customers need it?


Understand the impact of of the pandemic towards your customers

With people facing varying degrees of difficulty due to the pandemic, we might not be able to think rationally, especially in processing information. As such, email marketing campaign services look into their target market before initiating an email marketing campaign and apply a personal touch in initiating a conversation with prospects.

Approach your customers with empathy, authenticity, and transparency. This presents your brand as a compassionate entity and strengthens trust between you and your customers.
If needed, allow your customers to breathe for a while by scheduling your email to be sent at a later date, and use this time to research before rolling out the email marketing campaign.


More conversations, less pitching.

Communicate with your customers, which means that a dialogue or a conversation between the two of you should be established. Soften the way you ask, using a tone that’s empathetic, clear, and genuine. Acknowledge the challenges and the changes that are happening. Sound polite and avoid making them feel pressured to respond right away. Remember, stress and anxiety is heightened during these times and we do not want to trigger unwanted responses.

You could still see returns and conversions for your business through email marketing campaigns amid the struggles, although you have to accept that it could be slow and hard.
If you’d want to learn more about how effective email marketing can help your business during these challenging times, contact Coffeebot Solutions, an email marketing company in Davao.