The dental industry is undeniably one of the oldest medical services, having existed since 7000 BC. Although it goes way back as many other medical practices do, dentistry is often practiced in individual clinics outside the traditional hospital. In this sense, dentists are much like entrepreneurs as they have to plan their target market, study the foot traffic of their ideal location, and plan their strategy in reaching many patients.

For a long time, dentists have been dependent on their location and current network to get clients. However, the game is slowly changing for everyone — no matter the industry. Because of social media, people have raised their standards in terms of healthcare. It’s no longer picking a dentist near their area, but rather choosing a dentist with good reviews or with a large following.

Given all that, pursuing a strategy that involves social media marketing can increase your sales and extend your reach to more potential clients. Whether you’re doing it yourself or with the help of a social media agency in Davao, it’s definitely worth your time and energy.



Build Authority and Trust

There are a lot of ways you can build credibility with your customers online, may it be through a curated link, a fact, or a reminder to keep a dental kit wherever they go. Most importantly, the use of social media marketing is to publicly showcase your expertise in the field and establish yourself as a reliable authority in your industry.


Establish a new audience

Your clinic’s current location may get you customers — but only within a limited reach. With the accessibility of social media tools and the right strategy, you can reach patients and clients from a distant location. Why? People today are more than willing to pay more or travel farther just to get good dental service backed with good reviews and a credible online profile. With that, you can truly say that it’s all about how you present yourself online.


Give value online

Providing value to your audience online is hardly a type of charity work because most of the time, you get something out of it. When you create shareable content, you give value to your audience. Some of the ways you can give value is by:

  • Sharing curated links that are useful to your patients
  • Creating multimedia graphics with trivia, facts, or reminders
  • Relating to your audience through relatable humor

By constantly creating content that is shareable and relatable, you achieve a level of online presence that’s effective and game-changing. Plus, you earn your page a lot of useful engagement.


The thing is, you must always be consistent and regular in your posting to give your audience something to look forward to every day. Fortunately, with the help and accessibility of social media agencies in Davao, you can start establishing your online presence without having to sacrifice a period of rest or post quality.