When it comes to digital marketing, you have two different nexuses from which you can generate leads and attract potential customers: Your social media page and your company website.

While it takes effort to keep your social media page relevant and engaging (credits to whoever is handling your social media in these trying times. Your customers need an assuring voice and you are doing your absolute best), you won’t have much trouble with the visual component of its design. After all, you’re only using a template that everyone else is using. Sure, you might have a specific profile pic or a dynamic cover photo, but you more or less have a uniform design for your social media page. It’s not so easy with a website.

A lot of companies hire website design services to help them with making the best kind of website design because they recognize how important it is. Why is that important?


Your Webpage is your First Impression


Imagine going visiting a restaurant with an unappealing atmosphere (gray colors, creaky chairs, dim light, etc) and no aircon. The food is great, sure, but you’d have a hard time recommending it to your friends. Your webpage is your restaurant, while your service is your food. You can’t sell your food if your restaurant’s set up is unappealing. First impressions count and believe us, a tacky webpage that uses Comic Sans is a major turn off to people.


So How Can I Make My Website Appealing?


1: Make it easy to navigate: No complicated buttons and complex links. Put a navigation bar on top and make all the data on the screen easy to digest.

2: Make engaging content (and maximize your SEO potential too): Make sure your content team provides your website with engaging and informative written content, lest website visitors lose interest. You can even incorporate relevant keywords into the blogs and pages hosted on your website so that more search engine traffic is directed to it.

3: Responsive Web Design: In a nutshell, this lets your web page adapt to different devices, like smartphones. That way, website visitors won’t have a hard time visiting your website on mobile, and you’d have more people engaged.

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