Collaboration and productivity are not options for a virtual team, they are necessities. In a virtual office set up, team members work through project after project with the help of project management tools. As long as the members are plugged to the internet, they have unlimited access to these tools that they could use to be more productive.

Aside from the fact that project management tools are necessities, such tools actually have other benefits that the team could reap.

  1. Tasks Reminders

When working on a project, it’s common to receive a boatload of tasks and sub-tasks. More so, forgetting one or two of those does not immediately equate to the employee’s irresponsibility. The fact is it’s a common human fault to forget even the most important things in the world. Fortunately, project management tools make things easier for virtual teams to keep track of their tasks.  Project management tools also help members see their own progress, and assess which areas of work they should improve on.

  1. Aerial shot of the project

Aside from reminding individual members of their respective tasks, project management tools also allow the virtual team to see the project as a whole. It allows the members and the leader to see which areas need to be worked on. It also helps them evaluate whether or not the project is still working on the right pace. Furthermore, project management tools also help employers monitor the project and its pace.

  1. Organization of Files

File storage is an important part of collaboration, and it is easier done with the help of project management tools. Files are kept up to date, and are accessible to every member to ensure smooth sailing work. No need to keep a hard drive by your side just to make sure you don’t lose your files, all you need is the right tool and internet connection.

  1. Promote productivity

Since all areas of work are covered by project management tools, it is now easier to support productivity. Members can adjust and improve on areas that they’re having problems with while maintaining their strengths at the same time. It is also easier for team leaders to see which areas could eventually be problematic for the team, and therefore find an appropriate solution early on.

  1. Schedule deadlines

When the team is aware of their progress and pace of work, it is easier for them to set realistic deadlines for their individual tasks. In turn, it also becomes easier for the employer to expect when the project will finally be completed.

Collaboration is easier done with the help of proper tools. It is also easier to complete tasks and be more efficient in work despite the geographic limitations posed by being in a virtual team. It is a known fact that the internet holds a lot of “superpowers” that wait to be utilized by its users. In the case of a virtual office, project management tools are some of the superpowers waiting to be maximized.

For your benefit, we also listed down the top 10 most popular project management tools on the internet. Enjoy!