It is pretty rare for entrepreneurs to effectively juggle all the tasks associated in his business alone. A lot of them outsource some of these tasks (mostly administrative type) to a virtual support staff to shave off hours from a heavy work load. But for starting businesses, delegating these tasks can be frustrating. Another issue that adds up to the confusion is who to hire.

With the number of Virtual Assistants dramatically increasing, it may be difficult to find the “one” perfect person or team to do the job! Well, this solely depends on what tasks they’ll be performing. Most virtual assistants can only do secretarial services, but with hiring from a virtual assistant company, other areas of expertise are also covered such as marketing, graphic and website designing, customer service, IT support, and translations. It is easy to find such persons since not all can accomplish these all at the same time.

Since virtual assistants have proven their worth in a business, they are now being considered permanent employees. The only difference is that they work remotely at home. If you consider hiring one, then there are several things you need to know first.

Tasks to Outsource

To improve your business, the following are some basic tasks that can be assigned to a freelance assistant:

  • Bookkeeping
    This includes tasks on billing and the debit-credit matters which is quite complicated to do without prior knowledge of bookkeeping. A lot of small sized entrepreneurs have chosen to share their bookkeeping systems to trust worthy VAs.
  • Data Entry
    Updating lists or customer information or contracts, entering new client information into databases fall under data entry. Be specific and precise when giving instructions to leave no room for errors.
  • Email Managing
    Email messages and cleaning them up consumes a huge amount of time. You can let your VA filter your email and even have them respond to clients with your directive.
  • Research
    Making a list of corporate websites, companies, exploring new trends in related topics, vetting potential clients can be a service done by VAs. Always send out clear instructions so your staff would do the job correctly.

Hiring a VA

Virtual Assistants play a crucial part in your business success. Thus, when you choose whicn one to hire, there are important things you need to consider:

  • Professionalism
  • Skills
  • Task Management
  • Knowledge on Technology
  • Availability
  • Background and Experience
  • Reference

All are necessary in finding the best person to do the job for you. A lot of websites that offer virtual support staff are found online. They can help you find a reliable virtual assistant to help you improve your business.