For entrepreneurs, owning and maintaining a business mean your mind is on a lot of things at once, which means some tasks, though necessary, may be pushed back. For some businesses, this could be creating an online presence for their brand.

You don’t need to look far and wide to find virtual assistants who can help you out. Here are some essential tasks a Davao-based outsourcing company can help you with.

Social Media Management

Social Media Campaign

Contrary to belief, social media management isn’t just about a few posts. In fact, so much work goes into creating and maintaining a social media page. And there are a number of social media pages your business needs, depending on the type of audience you want to attract.

For example, a business that uses Snapchat to attract an audience may not need LinkedIn, and vice versa. Most businesses need Facebook, as there are 2.27 billion active Facebook users as of 2018.

Because a constant flow of content needs to come from your social media platforms, you might not have enough time to do it every day. This is where virtual assistants come in. Once you’ve oriented them on your branding, you can leave the social media management to them.

Video Editing

Video Editing

Videos are taking over the internet. It’s only right for your brand to also have videos on your social platforms and website. There are many applications for easy video editing online so even beginners can edit videos.

However, as most business owners are, you could be short on time. Don’t pass up the opportunity—get a virtual assistant to do it.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Did you know you consume a variety of content every day? Interesting facts, viral videos, and internet challenges and trends take up a lot of our time every day. That’s the job of a content creator.

Your brand can jump on certain trends too, especially if the trend matches your own brand’s personality and goals.

In fact, content isn’t limited to whatever’s trending. Coming up with a constant flow of content can be quite exhausting, even.

Keeping up with trends and waiting for the next viral sensation can get quite tedious. If you outsource your content creation to virtual assistants, you can take care of your business physically, and your virtual assistants can take care of your content digitally.

Website Creation and Maintenance

Website Creation and Maintenance

Websites establish brand legitimacy. That being said, keeping up with the demands of the internet like SEO and PPC campaigns, website optimization, and web design and development—they’re a variety of tasks on their own. These can’t be finished in one night, and they definitely can’t be done just once.

Remember, if you paid for the domain, you better get your money’s worth! You can appoint someone to make sure your website is maintained well from design to content and optimization.


You can outsource a variety of tasks to a group of virtual assistants. These digital marketing strategies are not only optional, they’re essential now more than ever for any business.

As mentioned above, you don’t have to look very far. Digital marketing in Davao is flourishing!

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