Building your online presence starts with your website. The most crucial point when starting your website is the web design. You hire web designers to create their piece of art in the computer world. If you are a web designer what are some of the important elements that you need to consider when starting your web design?

Who Are Your Target Audience?

A web designer should always be conscious of who they are designing the web for. It is not just about their work but about the audience that will appreciate the work that they have done. It is the consumer first and the design second. Your web design will be worthless if no one will be able to see it.

What Kind of Navigation?

Have you ever tried using a gadget that has a lot of contraption and complex instruction? I am sure you feel frustrated and irritable just to learn the stuff. This is the same with your web design. Simplicity is still the best way to go. Sometimes the attention is being diverted if the navigation becomes complicated and hard.

Is Consistency Important?

This is another aspect that you should take note of. Consistency is also important because it can help people identify your website immediately. Sure there will come a time that you will put up changes in the website but you have to keep in mind that being consistent can be more beneficial for you.

Who Should See Your Website?

Granted that you identified your target audience, but it does not mean that the website is not anymore open to other people. Make sure that the web design can welcome anyone regardless of sex, race and gender. Think about as a big opportunity that people will visit the website. Treat the traffic as prospective clients or connection to a prospective client.