Marketing on Facebook is more popular than ever, and with the site’s current algorithm, it may take some extra work to get your page to stand out. While it’s not easy, it’s well worth putting in the extra effort into social media for businesses, especially for local ones that want to gain their target market’s attention.

It’s almost become automatic to go to Facebook search when looking for something, so it’s important to make sure that your page or your page’s posts are present in relevant searches on Facebook. Here are some ways that you can improve your page’s ranking in Facebook search results.

Make sure your posts will get people talking

Whenever people search for something on Facebook, the top results will include posts that a lot of people on Facebook are actively talking about. This is why it’s a good idea to create posts that spark conversation and excitement.

Note that it doesn’t mean controversial posts; it’s about asking for people’s opinions and getting them to relate to your product or service so that they see the importance of your products or service in their lives.

Treat it like SEO

Similar to search engine optimization for Google, it’s important that your posts and your page itself (the name of the page, the about section, etc.) include necessary keywords.

Facebook’s search feature is just as sophisticated as other search engines, and how pages are ranked on Facebook’s search results are more or less similar to those of search engine results in the sense that keywords are highly crucial for visibility.

So if you want to highlight your visibility in a particular area, e.g., a car wash business in Davao City, make sure to include the keywords “car wash” and “Davao City” in your posts as frequently as possible.

Encourage recommendations

Pages with good ratings are also more likely to appear among top search results. Facebook says it wants to present only the best and most relevant to its audience, and stars from people will help Facebook realize your page is worth displaying. Encourage past clients to rate your page well – the more recommendations, the better.

Apart from boosting your search result visibility, it’s good for your business’s reputation as well, and this can spark more interest in your page.

Establish your page as the official one

When people aren’t sure as to whether your page is the official one for your business, they’re more prone to tag the wrong page or location that may appear similar to yours in their posts or check-ins. Most especially if your business has different branches.

Instead of all the tags and check-ins being concentrated into one page, customers go and tag random locations and pages, instead. This is a waste of potential engagement for your page, so ensure that your page is clearly the official one for your business.

Maintain consistent posting

Facebook prioritizes pages they observe are active, which is why a consistent posting schedule is a must. Also, regular posting lets people know that your page isn’t a wasted investment since your page is never dormant (given, of course, that you post relevant content). There’s no use in a single post going viral only for users to discover that your page’s last post was 6 months ago.

Utilize boosting wisely

Every page needs a good extra push every now and again, and setting up a boosted post or promotional ad really helps in nudging people towards your page. It’s not just about boosting itself either; it’s also knowing the right people to target, such as friends of your current fans and people who are fans of this particular hobby. This helps widen your network and establish your page as the go-to.

To make sure that your page gets the attention it needs, it’s a good idea to invest in social media services that make sure your page becomes a top contender in your target market’s Facebook search results. For local businesses, working with a reliable social media agency in Davao can do a lot to improve your presence within the market.