The continuing evolution of technology continues to affect how businesses operate, from Facebook ads service features to one of the more recent online business practices, and reflecting this is the employment of chatbots. While it does bring convenience to both business owner and customer for its quick response time and for its being always available, some are quick to notice its lack of human sympathy.



Undoubtedly, one of the top reasons as to the popularity of chatbots is how convenient they are. They answer queries quick, and they’re always available, making them the ideal response team especially for customers that need particularly immediate attention.

They spare businesses the time-consuming task of constantly monitoring messages to make sure that messages are responded to ASAP. If you have a Facebook page and want to keep response rates up, automated replies are a life-saver.


While the most convenient way to make sure customers are attended to as soon as possible, there lies the problem of limitation when it comes to chatbots. A lot of the time these chatbots are only able to provide standardized templates which, as customizable as they are, cannot match actual human interaction.

Customers, especially the irritated or disappointed ones, often voice out their concerns and expect a certain level of empathy in the response they receive, and this human feature is something which cannot be inputted into a chatbot template.


Human customer support


Humans, on the other hand, while not as quick to respond or available as chatbots, are able to offer customers with the personal touch and empathy that they’re sure to appreciate.

Showing customers your genuine side, especially when it comes to channels like social media, get you a long way with building a relationship with them. As every business owner knows, building a relationship with your customers is how you gain their loyalty.


The biggest pitfall of having an actual person do your customer support is that they won’t be able to provide the quickest response at all times, and they won’t always be available. They are human after all, which means they sleep and rest as well.

This can be an inconvenience for customers as some of them may end up having to wait for a response they might not even get since there’s a bigger risk of neglected queries if things are particularly busy.

Which should you use for your social media support?

The answer here is simple, really – make use of both.

With each method having its own benefit and deficiency, one could be used to make up for the other. Chatbots can be employed to at least for the mean time placate the customer, and human support will follow up later on to make sure the query is properly addressed.

The cost concern

Utilizing both for your business’s social media needs may seem quite extravagant, especially if you’re a startup that’s still trying to make it.

Fortunately, acquiring both is very much within reach for startups nowadays and can even be implemented along with their Facebook ads in order to make them more convenient for customers.

Working with the right digital marketing company can be a big help as they are not only able to provide aforementioned services, but know to incorporate all into one coherent social media marketing plan as well. And if you’re a startup looking to build a formidable online presence, this is the way to go.