The number of global email users is set to grow up to 4.3 billion in 2022. With that being said, it’s hard to deny the fact that email campaign marketing is bound to increase significantly as well. However, it also means that there’s a need for your emails to stand out against thousands of emails sent daily.

Besides, email marketing is useless when at the end of the day, you realize that your emails are only marked as spam or have low conversion rates.

To help you with that, here are four tricks to apply to your email campaigns and increase your revenue.

Interactive Email

Having your customer involved in your email can increase the conversation rate at least twice. It also leads to better brand awareness!

Interactive email campaign marketing is not new. In fact, it was the leading trend in 2017, but its proven efficacy will gather more speed until who knows when.

Email Marketing

Mobile-optimized Email

If there’s one device that is used by most people, that’s the mobile phone. This fact is enough motivation to invest more on optimizing your email campaigns for mobile use. A little tweak on some of the details like subject line, break up text, and single column layouts enough to make your email mobile-friendly. But if you want to do more, there are other points to improve like:

  • Visible and clickable links
  • Large and readable fonts
  • Small size images to speed loading time
  • Clear call to action button

Triggered Emails

Most businesses avoid the word automation because it’s too impersonal or doesn’t have any emotional touch. But on the contrary, many companies that provide email campaign services use automation because it allows them to get in touch with their subscribers 24/7.

All you have to do is to identify trigger moments so that you can send a relevant email in an instant.


  • Welcome email – triggers when a new user has subscribed to your newsletter or website.
  • Date based – triggers by using date stored information like birthdays, national holiday, anniversary, an appointment etc.
  • Link click – triggers when someone clicks a specific link
  • Content – when a user downloads or uploads anything from or on your website


Customer-centric content

This is common knowledge. Unfortunately, not all marketers are aware that what they are doing is the opposite. Instead of focusing on the customers, they haggle more products on their email content. They fail to look at the content through the customers’ eyes.

One way to make your email more customer friendly is to address your customers’ concern and challenges.

Review the things that your customers’ keep up at night, or you can ask them directly through a poll or interactive email, as mentioned earlier. After identifying the challenges, you can address their concern while integrating your product or service.

By doing so, you are earning their trust plus you are able to advertise your product or service without being too pushy.


Email marketing is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between business and customers. If done right, it can increase your revenue and most importantly build relationship and loyalty from your customers. But it needs time, effort, good analysis, and a well-planned strategy to make it successful.

Hiring an agency that can provide you with excellent email campaign services is a great option, and Coffeebot Solutions can give you that and more. Talk to us and we’ll take it from there.