Increasing Your Brand's Visibility With The Right Facebook CampaignsSocial media campaigns have now become the most notable medium of advertising. When done correctly, they can help increase your brand’s visibility and recognition.

With 1.32 billion active users monthly, Facebook is the perfect place to promote your business. Social campaigns allow you to turn fans into potential customers. The process is quite simple and affordable. That’s why, businesses, whether large or small, secure a space on Facebook.

The right social campaigns allow businesses to turn fans into potential customers. It is not enough that fans simply LIKE and SHARE your page. To gain loyalty from customers, it is essential to make use of creative ideas and tools.

Studying your competiton

Facebook now has a feature that allows you to see a brief summary of somebody else’s page insight, specifically, the number of people talking about it (engagement) and new page likes.

If you take the time to study these numbers based on the page activity going on, you can use it to your advantage.[Tweet “Copy strategies but make it your own. It’s not cheating, it’s studying your competition.”]

  1. When did their page likes increase? Was there a certain event they attended or sponsored?
  2. How did their engagement increase? Was there a video, image or contest posted?

Use your competition’s page posts to your advantage. Copy strategies but make it your own. It’s not cheating, it’s studying your competition.

Study your own page activity, TESTING TESTING TESTING!

Do not be afraid to tweak details on what and how you post. Here are some aspects you need to check or tweak based on results:

  1. Time- Play with what you can on facebook. One of them is time. Try different posting times. While there are general guidelines on when people are most engaged, remember that your consumers or fans may be different. Don’t just trust studies, make your own.
  2. Days- This is another important aspect to consider when posting. I’m not saying don’t post when you get minimal results, but rather, leave the important posts like your site link or product link when your fans are most active and engaged on your page.
  3. Post types- Everybody knows that videos engage more people. Use that to your advantage. Create videos for your product, but do not be one of those failures who just make a video just so. Make sure it’s engaging, add music, voice overs and interesting graphics. Remember that those numbers aren’t just numbers. They are real people, so create your materials for real people, whether they’re videos, images or links. Don’t just add your link and expect people to click it. Write an engaging line to encourage them to click.[Tweet “Remember that those numbers aren’t just numbers. They are real people, so create your materials for real people”]facebook analytics

NOTE: When conducting your studies,  be sure to allot enough time to get accurate results. When experimenting with time for example, make sure it’s the only factor your changing. Don’t post at 4pm Monday, but 6pm on Tuesday. Try posting the same time for the entire week to get accurate results. This has to be done for at least two weeks as well.

While traditional media makes use of expensive feasibility studies to gain customer insights, social media does not. Instead, Facebook allows businesses to create their own poll questions that are meant to have the same objectives as feasibility studies sans the large expenses.

Running Facebook campaigns require careful planning and consistency. It is essential to keep engaging to customers, whether on your Wall or through private messages. Businesses must also remember that boosting their popularity takes time and effort.

To truly capture attention from customers, it would be wise to hire a professional to help you with running your Facebook campaigns. By hiring an expert in the field, the chances of succeeding in increasing your brand’s popularity and sales will be significantly higher.