I can never get enough of Instagram, it has become a part of my everyday routine. Everything is captured in just a touch of your fingertips. Despite the controversy regarding their Privacy Policy and the backlash they received from loyal users, the popularity of Instagram is undeniably getting stronger. Sure there will be disgruntled people that will threaten to delete their accounts or transfer to another app just because they are not happy with the privacy policy.

What is good about the people behind Instagram is that they easily realize their mistakes and they are willing to listen to your opinions about the policy. They can just be cocky about it because they have many members already, instead they are humble enough to listen to the public’s clamor and fears about how the private pictures will be used.instagram-marketing-ideas1-38012_558x

In another point of view, Instagram can be a haven for marketing strategy that will help businesses promote their product in the easiest way possible. Why did I say easy? Well, just like any social media these days, the only thing that you need to do is to make an account and Voila! You have your free marketing promotion. Of course, it can be tricky because sometimes you might be attracting the wrong set of audience, but as you learn you will eventually gain your footing and use Instagram to its fullest marketing potential.

If you are not sure yet that it can be a viable tool for your business then you can personally have a trial run first and see how it goes. In the long run, you can lose because I am sure there will be people who will see your posts and eventually end up being curious about you and your business. Try it and be an Instagrammer yourself!