When it comes to building a following among local customers, your best bet is social media for businesses. Apart from the social media marketing favorite that is Facebook, there is another goldmine platform that local businesses should include in their campaigns – Instagram.

Why Instagram?

A tightknit network

If you want to achieve the same level of successful word-of-mouth type advertising on a more technological scale, Instagram is definitely the way to go. If several people within the same social circle follow you, your profile will appear on their followers’ feeds as follow suggestions.

Moreover, being followed by such users belonging to the same circle lets you appear on their followers’ explore pages, which widens your exposure to the kind of people you want to reach. The best part? No fees required.

It’s great for reaching niche markets

With such a tightknit community, it’s easier to infiltrate a larger number of people belonging to the same circle. If you’re a local business, chances are your business focuses on a particular lifestyle area. Vegetarian food, pre-loved clothing, Korean makeup, these are just a few examples of popular niche communities on Instagram that regularly follow new options that pop up.

People trust Instagram

Among social media platforms, Instagram has one of the best reputations when it comes to business offerings being legit, largely due to the power of influencers. With the younger generations, especially, seeing their favorite people share or patronize certain products or services.

Instagram Live

How to use Instagram for your business

Provide complete info on your bio

The first thing users see upon checking your profile is your bio, and if they’re interested in your business, will most likely look for contact details, a link to your website or to a form, and more importantly for those trying to get a hold of local customers, the address at which they can be visited (and a transaction can be made!)

Develop an appealing color scheme

Instagram’s users are typically sensitive to visuals, and one factor that these users see to with their own accounts is a carefully curated color palette or at least a consistent theme. This doesn’t necessarily mean posts should only follow the few certain colors at all times, but ensuring that each post’s aesthetics harmonize with rest is vital in making sure that you don’t turn your potential customers off.

Follow the right people

If you want to get the attention of a certain market, then following the essential, influential people in that circle helps spread word around the exact community of people you want to reach. With your account (hopefully) being followed by such reliable accounts, you stand more chances of their followers noticing you as well.

Promote it on your other accounts

If you already have an established following on other platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, you can redirect your already existing audience on those platforms to your Instagram account.

Not only do you provide your Instagram account with more exposure, but you’re doing your overall online presence good as well. More online accounts mean greater SEO opportunities since search engines often rank websites with several social media accounts higher.

It’s clear now that Instagram is more than just a platform for teenagers to post selfies – it’s great for business owners as well. All it takes is knowing how to utilize it for business the right way.

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If you want to start using Instagram for your local business, getting in touch with a reliable social media agency in Davao, Philippines is a good start. With great rates plus quality work, your Instagram and online presence is more than secure.