If you’re familiar to the internet, then you’re also probably familiar with Facebook. It is one of, if not THE, most popular social media platform nowadays. It is widely used around the across different race, gender and age groups.

But aside from connecting people worldwide and encouraging people to be creative with their content, Facebook is also creating a name for itself in the marketing scene. It is popular in the social media marketing industry for its its strategic algorithm and user-friendly interface that allows entrepreneurs and marketers to efficiently and effectively reach their target audience.

If you’re a digital marketer or an entrepreneur interested in advertising your business on Facebook, here are some of the most interesting facts and statistics about the platform:

ACTIVE Facebook users are estimated to be at 2.07 billion.

Facebook continues to amass more users per year as it reached the 2 billion benchmark on active users during the third quarter of 2017. This pool of followers is expected to continue growing with  their 16% increase in followers per year.

It is the top social media platform to produce ROI for businesses

Among different social media platforms, Facebook was reported as one of the most popular social networking sites to produce Return on Investment for businesses that have used the platform for business.

According to a report by Social Fresh, “The Future of Social” in collaboration with Firebrand Group and Simply Measured last April 21, 2016, Facebook got 95.8% among social networking sites to report the highest ROI for advertisers. Twitter took second place with 65.3% of ROI.  This report caused businesses to respond to the growing trend by increasing their spending on Facebook ads for 2017.

‘SHOP NOW’ is the most popular CTA action for Facebook

Yes, hard selling. According to Investp, ‘Shop Now’ continues to be the most popular call to action button used by advertisers on the platform with 74% popularity percentage. It is followed by ‘Learn More’ with 10% popularity percentage, ‘Book Now’ at 8%, ‘Download’ at 4% and ‘Sign Up’ at 4%.

Almost half of Facebook users admitted to like a page to show support to a brand

Page likes for brands are good indicators for businesses in general. It denotes a certain degree of interest from customers which businesses can maximize and make use of. The report was from a study conducted by Syncapse, which showed that 49% Facebook users like a Facebook page to support the brand they like.

42% of the respondents revealed that they like a page to get a coupon or discount. This is followed by 41% of respondents saying that they do so in order to receive regular updates from brands they like and 35% saying that they do it to participate in contests.

Over 5 billion businesses use Facebook for advertising

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of advertising on Facebook. As of April 2017, the number of companies to advertise on Facebook has grown to five million from three million during the first quarter of 2016.

As Facebook continues to grow as a social media platform and an effective tool for advertising, entrepreneurs usually work with a Facebook advertising company to ensure that they maximize the medium to their advantage.

With the growing pool of users and entrepreneurs willing to invest in the platform to help promote their business, Facebook has nowhere to go but up when it comes to its development as a social media and advertising platform. It is now up to entrepreneurs to find the right professionals and strategy that can help boost their business.