Have you ever imagined of having your own talk show on radio? Are you a recording artist expecting to have your songs listened by the masses? Years ago, you would have required a lot of networks for connections or a lot of money to get heard. But now, thanks to the Internet and its immediate connection with many individuals, your goals can become truth. Just as writing a blog has allowed almost anyone with a PC to become a true news reporter, podcasting allows almost anyone with a PC to become a radio DJ or radio talk show host.

Although podcasting first found reputation within the technical set, it has since caught on with the public. Log on to one of several podcast sites on the Web, and you can obtain material which range from songs to opinions to activities. Podcasting brings together the independence of writing a blog with electronic sound technological innovation to make an almost limitless supply of material. Some say this new technological innovation is democratizing the once corporate-run world of radio.Compared with online radio, customers don’t have to ‘tune in’ to a particular show. Instead, they download the podcast on demand or register via an RSS feed, which instantly downloads the podcast to their computers. The technological innovation is just like what is being used by TiVo, a ­personal movie recording unit that allows users to set which programs they’d like to record for later watching.

Of course, just like the radio shows, you also need to produce materials for your podcast, especially if you plan on airing it weekly. This is where Coffeebot comes in. We proudly introduce to you our newest brand, VA Podcasting. This service will basically carry the load of producing a podcast in a weekly or monthly basis. Podcasting will require lots of materials to be produced especially if you have your own website (which by the way, is really recommended). Some of the materials that come to mind are the summary of an episode, the show notes, snippets of the full interview or podcast, teasers or just about anything that you want to incorporate in the podcast.

VA Podcasting service is not your run of the mill virtual assistant service. We have refined our processes of producing a podcast. A great example of what we can do is Impact Teams Radio. It is a weekly podcast about leaders leading leaders. If you visit their website, which by the way is a ranked page, you can clearly see the product of our brand, VA Podcasting. Marketing the podcast is also another facet of the podcasting production that we handle. This service can help you promote your stuff anywhere in the internet. From social media sites, to podcasting sites like libsyn; you name it, we can handle it.

In this day and age, podcasters are popping up like a pimple on prom night. So, it is your prerogative to get ahead of the competition and avail of the VA Podcast service, because with VAPodcasting, we save the world one podcaster at a time.

JR De Castro
JR De Castro
JR has been a virtual assistant for more than 3 years. He started out as a content writer and worked his way up to become a virtual assistant supervisor. A graduate of University of Mindanao, JR loves to kid around among other things, but when it’s time to work, he makes it a point to get right down to business. His extracurricular activities include playing in a band called Lucas, fantasy league basketball and watching TV series and movies during off days. He’s an avid fan of Katy Perry for various reasons not because of her musical prowess, but because of something else. What that is exactly, we leave it to your imagination, “men’s imagination” to be exact.
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