The term “less is more” is really an apt description of web designing. Just because it is a design it does not mean you have to let go and put all the elements in there without the thought of making it simple and easy for the audience. People may be tech savvy and internet geniuses but in the end they would still want to look at a website and not feel at a loss on how to use it. If you think about it, just imagine the most popular brand of mobile phones in the market, their designs are simple and easy. This can be your guiding principle when you make your web design.

Basic Necessities

When a web programmer designs a website, the key ingredients that he needs to put are the contact details, what is the company all about, email. These are the basic things that should be found in the website. All the other add-ons can come later because let’s face it the first thing that you would want the client to do is to be in touch.

Showy Buttons

Perhaps one of the things that you can overdesign is the buttons. This is appropriate especially if the website is about selling goods and services. Just imagine the customer wanting to buy the product but is unsure where the button is or what to click to show his intent in buying the product.

Easy on the Eyes

As they say’ “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” if the website may appear too busy or too full of unnecessary contents, then visitors might be easily put off, that is why when you make the website make sure it is streamlines, you can read all the important details immediately and there are no unnecessary things that can distract from the main goal of the website.

Rea Seludo
Rea Seludo