Set to be put on the market early this month is one of the most awaited releases of Apple – the iPhone Xs.

Apple has consistently been the leader of their market and the standard by which other brands are compared to. Every smartphone is compared to the iPhone. Every tablet is compared to the iPad. And every computer is compared to the iMac.

The unique thing about Apple is that while they do spend a lot in marketing, a large part of why they’re well-established is because other people and other sources do the marketing for them. In fact, Apple products are used as marketing bait by network carriers to attract more customers to buy their service plans.

But apart from that, Apple’s marketing strategy heavily relies on positive reviews from influential people. Every new release gets featured in tech shows, reviews, and drop tests in Youtube, getting recommended here and there. While most small businesses do not have the resources that Apple has to pay for product placements, nor have the reputation to be used as marketing bait by other companies, it does have loyal customers and this is what you can leverage.

Iphone Xs

This is where business social media marketing comes in. As a small business, social media is the key to reaching your target audience today with billions of people having a Facebook and Twitter account. If you’re not on a social media platform, you’re missing out on a lot—the opportunity to listen to the preferences of your target market, and more importantly, what they have to say about what you sell.

Here are the key things you can do to try and replicate Apple’s marketing success with social media reviews.

Respond to Reviews on Your Page – Good or Bad

One thing Apple does really well is make their customers feel valued with a lot of investments going to AppleCare and other kinds of warranty. They are quick to respond to problems that iPhone users have. They never ignore feedback, especially bad ones.

Small businesses also need to respond to good and bad reviews, especially online. Always thank a customer for saying nice things about your product/service, and immediately apologize to customers who had a bad experience with it by asking for a detailed story of what happened and offering a remedy. You cannot delete bad reviews in social media so the best thing to do is respond to them so that other people can see how serious you are about their feedback. (Of course, you need to follow through with any promises made).

Encourage Your Customers to Post Reviews and Tag Your Page

Especially when the goal is to attract new customers, positive reviews will do you good. And if you lack them, you can invite some of your loyal customers to write one on your page. One way of doing this subtly is to comment on people’s post about your product/service to ask about their experience. A more direct approach would be encouraging them to post reviews while you’re talking to them in the shop. It also doesn’t hurt to have posts calling people to tag and post a review.

Share Good Reviews from Influential People

People are more likely to buy a product/service if someone they know uses it. Some of the most trusted brands are trusted because it was recommended to them by someone they look up to. So if you see any post or review in particular that’s gaining some traction, share the post with a caption thanking them.

It’s hard to keep up with social media when you’re also busy growing your business. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to hire a social media partner that can help you reach your marketing goals, and help you advertise on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform. Need some help right now? Come on, let’s reach greater heights together.