Making content for an industry that most people consider “boring” is—let’s face it—pretty hard. I mean, what if you’re running a firm that specializes in masonry construction? Not that I’m saying masonry is boring (Building Materials was a fun subject back when I was an architecture student, mind you). But not a lot of regular people will be reading about the pros and cons of using bricks as opposed to concrete. Well, aside from architects, engineers, and other folks in the world of construction.

But I digress.

As digital marketers, we’ve got to do our job and make content as interesting as possible for the people who will most likely read or watch them. 

…We also have to build links for the pages.

…Believe me, it gets even more tricky when you’re offering quality link building services for a client with a “boring” business.

Fret not, however, for “boring” does not necessarily mean that it has to be hard. If you’re having a little bit of trouble looking for external webpages to link to your own, here are a couple of tips from us to you:

Use Your Existing Business Connections 

 This is actually the easiest thing you can do. Let’s go back to imagining you’re a masonry business owner. You’ve probably already built a network of contacts—suppliers, engineers, architects, clients. Check if they have websites of their own. If they do, see if they’re willing to link pages to those of yours, and if you can link yours to theirs.

Do some research work as well, and look into their own connections for people and companies who you haven’t reached out to yet. It can even help you get more clients and more business partners.

Establish Yourself As An Expert In Your Field

One way to get some good quality links for you “boring” business is to contribute to publications. You have to find one first, of course. But once you do, now you have to work on creating helpful and thought-provoking pieces that can help change the game for everyone. You can be a thought leader, as some would say–specialist in your niche.

Just make sure you’re not just talking the talk. You have to walk it too. It’ll look very bad for you and your business to look like an armchair expert. Back up your digital words with great output in the real world.

It’s a tough job to think of the best link building strategies on your own if you’re in a “boring” industry. So how about you get a digital marketer like us to take care of everything for you? We’ll make sure not only to get you some great links, but also help build your business into a better one.