Say you have a website. It could be promoting your business, your brand, or your organization. There are several ways to put your stuff out there for more people to see.

You could set up a social media account, connect with people in your community, and guide them through your website, or you could hire the services of a search engine optimization service provider to make the best moves for your website to be seen more easily in search engines.

These SEO service providers are equipped with proven methods to help your website rank better in search engines. They use something called Link Building among other SEO methods to boost your online visibility and bring in earned traffic to your website.

Link Building is quite technical. When you’re not aware of what you’re getting into, it’s easy to make mistakes.

Some websites are linked up with so much unrelated content that it’s not clear for search engines to know what kind of content the website promotes. Some websites even make so much of these mistakes that search engines have no choice but to drop them from the results altogether.

It’s important to know what Link Building is and what it’s not to make sure all your SEO efforts reap the best results.

What Link Building Is

Link building is like a recommendation from other websites to go to yours. It’s like the Internet version of recommending a good coffee shop in the middle of a casual conversation.

When you ask your most trusted friends about a coffee shop they would recommend, you’re more likely to trust that recommendation compared to asking complete strangers. If four out of your trusted people recommend the same coffee shop, then it should be good.

The same goes with Link Building. Websites that have a reputation of being trusted are more likely to link to websites that are trustworthy as well.

It Is Earned Reputation

Good link building is to earn a good reputation instead of gaining it in dishonest ways. There are websites that buy their way into ranking well by paying other websites.

Some of them even make other websites to help boost their main website. Such deeds are dishonest and are not a good way to build your website’s link profile.

It Is A Continuous Effort

Dishonest link builders buy links from other websites in bulk and hope it would do wonders for them in the long-run.

Good link building earns its reputation and maintains it by increasing the number of affiliated links it has over time. Valuable content will help you earn that reputation, and continuous effort will help you stay at the top.

It Is A Strategic and A Natural Process

The digitization of business has people thinking that everything can be automated. This may be true for repetitive systems, but not for Link Building.

Search engine systems are continuously improving to get rid of spam content and websites that simply aren’t legitimate. You need continuously catch up with these systems in order to stay relevant.

The reason why you should hire SEO professionals is for them to employ the best link building strategies for your website to do well in search engine rankings.


Link Building is a really powerful SEO tool that could help any website reach the top pages of search engine results.

What you need to remember is to produce quality, valuable content, to be honest in your link building tactics, and to hire a professional o make sure you’re making the best moves online.

With an expert SEO team, you’re on your way to the front page.