Disney excels in repurposing content. It draws inspiration from classic tales (and often tragedies), and retells them as different stories while still leaving a whole lot of space for those stories to leave their own legacies through spin-off series and live adaptations. Social media marketers who sell digital marketing services envy this skill.

The Lion King, for example, was a musical fable inspired from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Both critics and mainstream audience loved it. They loved the stage adaptations even more, while children enjoyed the animated show Timon and Pumbaa featuring Simba’s very best friends from the film. You can apply this to your business by using content from your website and repurposing it for social media for business.  Here’s why this strategy is effective and a few tips on how you can do it.

Coherence is Key

Repetition helps reinforce your message, your brand, or whatever it is you’re selling to people, across multiple platforms.

It helps form a coherent identity for your business. Even Mufasa knew how important repetition is when he kept reiterating the Circle of Life to young Simba.

Reach a New Audience

Not everyone consumes information in the same way. Some people are visual learners, others prefer to read words, while some would rather listen to a podcast on their way to work.

More than that, people use different online platforms in discovering things. Not all people on Twitter are on Facebook. Some prefer to get their inspiration from Pinterest, while others prefer to filter their feed and keep it professional in LinkedIn.

Transforming content to suit other learning styles, and other social platforms is a great way to tap into different markets.

It’s Cost-Effective

Brainstorming for new content involves a rigorous trial and error process.

Money isn’t the only resource you’re trying to maximize in business. Time is as important. You have a staff that works an eight-hour shift. Any more than that might burn them out. Coming up with new content can take a lot of time because of the brainstorming and research that come with it.

Repurposing content helps you promote your brand using old but gold content, or turn a rusty one into something that looks novel without wasting precious minutes in the conference room for another brainstorming session.

How to Retell the Same Story Across Different Platforms

The first thing you can look at to decide what to repurpose is the stats.

Look at your website and review your posts. Review the pages. Which posts did well and which ones didn’t? While the most common approach is just to pick the ones that had the highest engagement or clicks, you can also use the posts that poorly performed. Those posts might have just been misplaced and might perform better when put in other platforms.

Here are a couple of ideas on what to transform:

Informative Articles to Infographics

 Some people get intimidated by statistics in an article. Some don’t know how to interpret them. And while you made sure to put conclusions in what you wrote, sometimes the readers don’t get to that point because reading is time-consuming. Transforming words to graphs, tables, and illustrations not only makes content easier to understand; it’s also more attractive. Infographic about Google

How To Articles to Video Explainers

Let’s face it. People are busy. Sometimes they’re just lazy. And a bunch of black letters in a white background, no matter how well-written it is, sometimes gets tiring to read. Videos engage a person’s visual and auditory functions and help maintain their attention. And some people just enjoy browsing through Youtube more than other platforms.

Blog Quotes to Quote Card Images

Who doesn’t love a good quote? It’s one of the most shareable content there is, especially if it’s relatable to people and related to what you sell. Quote card: "Connecting on social media is one thing but to be an engaging company on social media is another." - Julia Jasmine Sta. Romana

Web Content to GIFs

Moving images are some of the most effective online ads. While it takes a lot of time to edit a video, a GIF can save you time, and it saves the audience’s time as well. It’s easier on the eyes, not to mention amusing.You can transform your About page, your products page, or your Contact Us page to a GIF ad.


You don’t need to feel like the world is running out of ideas for social media content. There are tons of ways to use social media for business. Sometimes all it takes is to look back at what you’ve done, and figure out what else you can do with it. Even Simba went home and revived what Scar destroyed.