We love to buy things and put our names on them. We buy monogrammed towels, caps or even bathrobes. This is because it gives us a sense of strong identity. It is not someone else but it is ours. This is also the same way that people feel when it comes to buying things in a store. They feel more appreciated if the store clerk or sales lady would recognize them from their last purchase.

It gives a person a sense of belonging when it becomes more personalized. How many times do we feel disappointed when we go to our favorite restaurant and the waiters do not recognize us? Do you want to go back? Probably that is not the case, but when we go to a place and we are instantly recognized, it is a different story. We feel more comfortable and are amenable to what is being offered to us.

This is also true with online marketing; many online businesses realize the value of making their services more personalized. This means that they give recognition especially to customers who kept coming back. It is not about a standard spiel that you give to most people. Instead online marketing trends are now more sensitive to the needs of the buyers. It is not only the service or product they offer but how they offer these products.

There are different advantages when you make your business more personalized, the most noticeable of this is the increase in conversion and the conversion gets easier due to the personalized service.

Another thing that can improve is the loyalty of the customers to the product. Since they know that the company knows them and will continue to treat them as more than customers, then they can spread the news to their friends and other people they know. It can help boost sales as well as recognition.