Marvel has been building the hype for Infinity War for a long time now so it’s not going to be surprising when it breaks box office records. They don’t even need a social media marketing advertisement because people talk about it everywhere in the internet.

With over a decade of building such an elaborate universe, they know a thing or two about selling a concept to its audience. While Marvel does have a huge marketing budget, smaller players in business can still learn a lot from what they do.

Go Multiplatform

Marvel is in almost every storytelling medium there is. Aside from the comics where they began, they also have an expansive universe in movies, live action TV series, animated TV series, and even Video Comics released on Youtube.

This worked well because they were able to reinterpret their stories in different ways while reaching the different areas of their fanbase. Not everyone reads comic books, so TV series and movies became a great way to reintroduce their characters to more people. The animated series, on the other hand, were a great way to engage younger audiences.

Marvel's Defenders

As part of Marvel’s TV universe, Netflix produced a web series called Defenders based on the comic book of the same name. It features (from left to right) Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist, all of whom having their own individual eponymous web series based on the comic book characters of the same names.

Small businesses can do the same by repurposing valuable content and being present in different platforms–a website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, wherever appropriate—because it increases the opportunities for you to engage with your audience.

Be Diverse

Media platforms aside, it’s also crucial to diversify the people that you put in your advertising.

Within two months of Black Panther’s release, it has become the top grossing superhero film in the US, and has received both critical acclaim and positive audience reception. A huge factor is because this movie engaged a large part of Marvel’s audience that was largely underrepresented in superhero universes.

Marvel’s audience is diverse, and the world is multicultural, which called for better representation in their stories. Prior to Black Panther, they have already launched more diverse comic book characters like Miles Morales, the Afro-Latino version of Spiderman, Karolina Dean, a queer superhero from Marvel’s Runaways and Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, the first-ever Pakistani-American and Muslim superhero.

Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel has had a wide positive reception from comic book readers, applauding Marvel for a huge step in representing the Muslim community.

Marvel acknowledged that representation matters, and the same can be said for other businesses that have a diverse audience. Representing different kinds of people in your advertising can make a difference because they make your messages more relatable and inclusive.

Be Consistent

All materials from Marvel are kept under a good standard of quality. Even Ant-Man, who is not as well-known as other Marvel superheroes, managed to be a pleasant surprise for movie-goers. They have built a reputation for good quality content that when they announce the release of a new film or TV series, it is met with anticipation.

Quality aside, there is also a consistent brand of humor in almost all installments of the franchise that is recognizably Marvel.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of Marvel’s funniest films to date with it openly mocking superhero movie cliches while wittingly indulging in them as well.

With businesses, it’s all about branding, and showing a consistent quality and personality in all of your marketing materials. Not only will this will make it easier for people to identify your brand, it will also build trust among your customers once you’ve maintained a certain level of standard.

Of course, the success of Marvel wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the great team of filmmakers, actors, writers, and illustrators who worked together in production. The same goes for business. Marketing success is owed to great digital marketing and social media optimization services. A solid marketing team is behind every solid strategy. Make sure you have a good one.