Memes used to be a form of entertainment for certain demographics among internet users, but in recent years have gained such popularity that businesses, including big brands, jump on it every now and then in order to reach younger, hipper audiences. They have become so popular that businesses have even begun to include it in their Facebook advertising strategies.

So how exactly has memes been used in marketing? Should you try it to increase sales for your business? How can you successfully incorporate it into your marketing efforts? Here’s the breakdown.

Why do they sell?

They’re relatable

Successful memes are built upon touching on relatable human emotions and experiences, which is why a lot of brands use them to appear more human and personal to their market.

With memes, it’s a more genuine approach as opposed to intense hard-selling, which is a big turn-off for a lot of the modern consumers. Because of that, customers are more willing to pay attention to what you have to offer.

They’re very shareable

People relate with these memes, that’s their very nature, which is why successful memes easily go viral, no boosting or paid efforts necessary. This is something businesses should take advantage of because not only does a viral business meme show the internet population how genuine and personal your business is, but it provides your business with additional exposure.

Should they be used for your business?

The key here is to review your branding. A lot of businesses may be tempted to jump on the meme train, but it’s important to point out that it may not work for everyone.

If your business relies on a more formal or less casual image, it may not sit well with internet users, and your business may end up getting branded as “trying too hard.”

If your business, on the other hand, caters to younger audiences or if your branding leans toward humor more, then smartly including memes in social media content is very much a good idea.


How should they be used?

Know your target audience

This is essential if you want your meme to work. Different social media circles hold different types of humor, so what may be funny to one group might not be to another.


The success of a meme depends largely on how timely it is released, and when it comes to memes, the trend changes quite quickly.

There’s nothing that turns users off more than a late or outdated meme.

It’s important, then, to be particularly observant of what memes are popular among general social media circles to make sure you’re up to date. Investing effort in keeping up with social media trends is sure to pay off when that post goes viral and visitors come flocking in.

Keep it original

Even though memes are about following a (to an extent) standard template, you’ll find that successful ones are well-received because of the humorous new takes they provide the meme trend.

What relatable life experiences do people have with regard to your line of business? Asking yourself such question helps you add your own personal flavor to a meme trend, and since life experiences are typically full of variety, there’s a lot you can do with it. Never forget that when it comes to memes, creativity is key.

Mind your caption

While the meme itself is the main star here, a good caption can help bring in more engagements. Including a call to action as well as relevant hashtags can better entice users to click that post and share it with their friends.

Apart from that, including your social media handles and/or website address in your caption (or even in the meme material itself) helps to make the most your posts exposure. This helps rake in new page likes and views for your other posts.

Keep it fun

Memes are all about humor, so it’s important not to go all hard-sell-y with it. Incorporating subtle selling points with the humor, however, is a better idea, and can help show consumers how easy going and approachable your branding is.

It always pays to take risks with creative projects like memes, and taking the right risk at the right time could prove to be a great way to boost awareness of your brand as well as encourage customers to build a long term commitment to your brand.

Working with something as humor-laden as meme culture, successfully incorporating it into a business strategy isn’t as simple as creating a meme and adding it to your calendar out of nowhere; it requires a careful understanding of the target audience and what memes they may respond to better.

If you plan to venture into this relatively new area of marketing material, it’s best to do it with a reliable Facebook ads service provider who can provide not only the necessary materials as well as research to make sure that your memes will work for your business.