Did-I-Tweet-ThatThe rage these days is the use of social media in promotion and marketing of business. It has become the in-thing in the marketing world. Why should it not be? I think it is a great way for showing off product and service. I am all for it, however, there are times when the marketing strategies like this can be more of a mistake than a winning moment. In order for the business to be able to take control of the social media instead of the other way around, there should be things that one has to remember.

Promotional Channel

One of my pet peeves when I check out social media sites of the products I am interested is the way they continually just talk about the products and nothing else. I know that the company has to promote their products, but when using social media, there has to be a fresh take on it. It is not just about talking too much on how good it is, but finding a way on how the product can be more relatable to the users and future users.doh


Just because you have an eye-catching slogan for your social media does not mean your job is done. One has to continuously update and reformat the existing webpage or social media page. Customers would want to feel that the company is evolving and it has to register on how the social media sites are being run by the marketing people. It has to have fresh articles and news that can help consumers in understanding the product more. Perseverance can spell the difference between a successful business and a losing one.

The Right One

There are many social media networking sites that a business can use. There is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. However, not all of them can be appropriate. Choose the one that would highly appeal to your kind of audience and build it from there. There can always be a chance to improve on it as you go along.[Tweet “Perseverance can spell the difference between a successful business and a losing one.”]