There are two things that rule the world right now: phones and numbers. In the online realm, statistics play a vital role in climbing towards a brand’s success. With the second decade of the second millennium coming to a close, it’s a great time to review four statistical data about mobile pay-per-click advertising that you should know in order to get ready for 2020.


Majority of smartphone users utilize phones for online shopping.

Time will come when shopping will be completely done online, and Pay Per Click advertising companies should take advantage of this. According to a study by Uberall, 69% of the surveyed users utilize their mobile devices for shopping on the web, and more than 80% of the respondents use the ‘near me’ option to look for local enterprises.

What Does This Mean For 2020? Hiring companies that provide PPC management services will help your company do better online by providing mobile-friendly websites and effective keywords to top the local Google search results.


53% of paid clicks are made on smartphones.

This decade showed a high influx in mobile internet users all over the globe, which indicated good news for businesses to invest in a reliable pay-per-click advertising company. With a vast sum of mobile users being connected to the internet, statistics have shown that half of PPCs are done through smartphones.

What Does This Mean For 2020? To make sure that your company stands out next year, invest in optimizing and enhancing your ad campaigns for mobile accessibility.



Most visitors abandon sites that take more than three seconds to load.

Nobody likes a slow website. People have low attention spans, so the loading time for a website really matters nowadays. On a recent study by Google, 53% of mobile users were reported to leave websites that took more than three seconds to load.

What Does This Mean For 2020? Once a customer clicks on your paid ad, make sure that your website loads right away. Fancy and flashy websites are so 2004. Speed is the new king for 2020.


The first three results are the most clicked links for smartphone users.

According to the same statistical data by Uberall, 60% of mobile phone users are most likely to click the first three Google results in a given keyword. This shows how important Google PPC advertising for the online market is.

What Does This Mean For 2020? If you have not hired a trusted pay per click advertising company yet, your company needs to look for one today. No matter how great your products, services, and website are, without effective PPC, your ads will not fulfill your ultimate goal which is to convert clicks into sales.




As a new year and a new decade comes closer, we should expect an even higher number of mobile users on the internet. With the modern smartphone’s portable features, brands need to adjust to having mobile-friendly websites and effective pay-per-click advertising strategies. Sure, this may sound difficult for non-techy companies, but that’s what digital marketing agencies like Coffeebot Solutions are here for. Contact us for more information on our PPC management services today!