I always compare the outsourcing team to the elves that make toys during Christmas. These elves work tirelessly to produce quality toys for the children all over the world. I would like to think that the outsource team do this as well. They may not make toys but they give out quality work so that any businesses can grow and prosper especially in the World Wide Web. They take their job seriously and they produce quality output because they believe in the company they work for.  What are some possible ways to help them be motivated more and stay in your company?

Showing appreciation

Most of us would like to be acknowledged one way or another.  We feel happy when someone says thank you to us. We glow when our superiors will say that we have done a good job. These little things may seem insignificant but it can be a source of renewed energy to people who have been working tireless for the company.

Giving Positive Feedback and Suggestions

Another thing that people appreciate is to hear how they are doing. Of course, most people would respond well if it is given in positive undertones. Contrary to what other bosses may believe, giving helpful suggestions is also a way for people to feel motivated. This means that the management is taking notice of your work.

Getting to Know Your Outsource Team

It only takes a few words to keep your outsource team loyal to you. A few motivational words, some sort of encouragement and even a simple question of how they are doing can help make your team motivated.

It does not really take a lot to make an outsource team happy. As long as you the communications line are open then it is something that can help you motivate your team. Remember it is not always about monetary rewards, it is more on how you deal with them as a person.