Today I watched a video that put into words something that I’ve always believed at the back of my mind to be true. . Social Insights with Brian Solis – Social Customer Service, explains that social media is a world of emotions. That’s why you and your business should be armed and ready to handle negative reviews or comments about your product or service.[Tweet “An unhappy customer will tell 20 customers, whereas a happy customer will tell 1”]

An unhappy customer will tell 20 customers, whereas a happy customer will tell 1

It sounds frustrating, but it’s a fact. Humans are built to let out their frustrations and in today’s online world, the best venue to vent would be social media networks.

As a company, what can you do about it?

Be ready. It’s a fact that customers will go to social media to vent out, you have to be ready with people who are capable of handling these complaints.

Do we you have to be purely defensive on the case?

This is what’s great about Brian’s message. No, you don’t. But you have to be “willing to invest in the expression of positive”.

What does this mean and what things can you do?

Should you develop a system that rewards positive responses about your brand? . Review sites won’t like it  if you’re building a system that gives freebies in exchange for positive reviews. But, you can highlight and  feature positive comments and testimonials. Show your customers the great things you have to offer and encourage your customers to bring the great news out there.

You can view the full video here.

So, are you ready to make your brand stand out positively?