Are your businesses in Facebook already? I know that it is sometimes a bit foolish to ask if a person or business have Facebook. But the reality is that there are still businesses who still cannot understand the value of putting their business in Facebook. The possibility is really endless because there are already more than 600 million users of Facebook. This means that even if you do not want to be exposed or advertised, people will still be able to see you.

What could this mean for the businesses that still exist in buildings? This means higher chance of being noticed by the public. The new update that Facebook introduced just recently is the “Nearby” tab. The “Nearby” tab formerly worked as a check in for friends. You are able to see where your friends are or what are the places they visited. With the new innovation, the nearby tab can serve as a means for businesses to be discovered by people. This means those businesses that are located in remote locations and not in the main thoroughfares can have the chance to be noticed.

The ranking will be based on how each of these places is recommended by the users or friends that were able to access the places. What is better is that the different businesses are put in different categories like restaurant, cinemas, or even hotels. This can help people easily identify the place where they want to go. This in turn can help establishments gain more business with the help of clicking the “nearby’ tab.

Facebook continues to improve their social media page. This is good news to most businesses because it can mean a higher exposure for them which could turn into profits as well. So, if you want your business to grow by leaps and bounds make sure you create your Facebook page now.