When most people think of relationships, people think of couples. But with outsourcing, a relationship can involve two or more parties working together towards a common goal. And in most cases, an open outsourcing partnership can be healthier for business overall.

Why is “cheating” okay in the outsourcing industry?

First and foremost, no virtual assistant agency can do everything, no matter how much they claim to do so. You’ll see that the top virtual assistant companies specialize to certain niches or services. Some focus on providing local search engine optimization while others offer social media optimization services. Some cater mainly to realtors while others choose to serve primarily lawyers.

Why do they do this? Because specializing makes you an expert in your field. Being an expert allows them to bring better services to their clients and makes them more efficient.

Why “cheating” in the outsourcing industry can be a good thing

It’s only in the outsourcing industry where you find having multiple partners being encouraged. For outsourcing vendors, it’s a good sign when their clients are looking for additional partners because it means that their business is growing. And when your business is growing, it also means more business for everyone else involved.

Let’s say if you’re looking to hire a web development company to create more websites for you, this is good news for your search engine optimization expert because this means more work for him. When your business expands and builds more branches, this makes your social media virtual assistant happy because this could mean more accounts for her to handle.

So if you’re worried that your outsourcing partner might be offended when you tell them you need more help than they can provide, don’t be. To them this is good news, and it’s more likely they will encourage and help you find the right outsourcing firm for your needs.

Outsourcing industry is collaborative

Yes, different outsourcing companies do compete with one another. But for the most part, you’ll see that most of them actually work together so they can provide better services for their clients. We at Coffeebot, for example, sometimes refer clients to other companies if our clients ask us about services we can’t provide. And we’ve done the same for other companies based here in Davao.

What makes this collaborative system good for business owners is that it helps take some of the guesswork out of hiring a new outsourcing partner.

For example, you’re working with a great search engine optimization agency and you need affordable WordPress website design. You can ask your SEO agency to refer you to a reputable website development company that they can work with. No need to worry whether the company is legitimate or how well they’ll work with your current outsourced team.

Being a good client gives you access to great vendors

Looking for an affordable social media marketing firm but don’t know where to find them? Are you looking to outsource digital advertising services but you don’t know where to start?

If you have a reliable outsourcing partner and you have a great relationship, finding other people to outsource to becomes a lot easier. If you’re known for being a great client, other outsourcing vendors will know about it and want to work with you. Your partner can help you weed out the bad providers and recommend good vendors that they can collaborate with.

Even if you’re not delegating projects anymore, having a great relationship with your former outsourcing providers still helps. Once it’s established within a local outsourcing community that you’re a great company to work with, vendors will come knocking at your door offering you deals on their services. And having outsourced teams approach you is a lot easier than shopping around online for teams that may or may not be reliable.

Open Outsourcing Relationship Opens Your Business Up To New Things

The biggest perk to working with multiple outsourcing companies is you have many sources for fresh ideas you can use for your business. With different vendors specializing in different things, you’ll get a unique insight on how different components of your business works and how you can get them to work together into one cohesive unit.

For example, you can have your SEO team help your marketing team and social media agency to strengthen your online presence and make it cohesive with your offline efforts. You can get your social media to work with your sales department to use sales techniques on different platforms. You can have your HR/recruitment to work with SEO to help you target better employees. The possibilities are practically endless when you think about the different ways outsourcing providers can work together.