A big part of creating meaningful human experiences are conversations.

In a short span of time, technology has exploded in lightning speed that life before it is almost unimaginable for most of us. From traditional forms of discourses, we have evolved into more virtual and sophisticated individuals. With tablets, gadgets and more, more relationships are fortified, while new ones are fostered — in an attempt to bind the physical and virtual worlds together.

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The most widely-used social media website, Facebook, takes advantage of the ease in conversations through a new commodity called Facebook Messenger. First developed as Facebook Chat, Messenger has 1.3 billion monthly active users for 2017 and has been steadily increasing at a rate of roughly 667,000 users every day. Facebook advertising service providers have now been using this mobile communication app as a marketing tool.

With purpose, we move forward. And here’s how they do it.


Convert your audience into customers

Since the Messenger app is for easy and straightforward communication, this is a platform designed to create a pseudo-personal connection with your audience. Through direct, personalized, and real-time communication with the target audience, faster customer acquisition follows through. To take advantage of your one-on-one communication, share your current promotions, coupons, and freebies through Messenger.

Transact while having conversations

A successful online business page should have an active Messenger account. Unbeknownst to many, this platform actually boasts a register of helpful features that can be utilized whenever a transaction is performed. Some of them are money transfers, share location, third-party app integration (GIFs), bot platforms, reactions and mentions, and even Messenger stories.

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photo credit: techcrunch.com

Start an awareness campaign

According to research, consumers are more likely to support businesses with awareness campaigns and advocacies. So whenever you launch an event or campaign, a new service or product, maximize your reach by utilizing the Messenger app to jumpstart it! Awareness campaigns are more effective if they are delivered in a personalized manner.If you try to check online, there are plenty of success stories about the use of Facebook Messenger for business enterprises. With the proper utilization of the app, you can create a personalized and unique interaction with your potential customers.

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