When I read some articles in the World Wide Web I come across articles that almost have the same wordings but it was written by different people. How serious is plagiarism? Why it is that there are still people who take it for granted and just copy the works of others?

I hope that I do not sound preachy about this topic. My goal here is to make people realize that it does not really pay to plagiarize. As a content writer, a person is tasked to talk about different topics under the sun. It can be both difficult and easy. It depends on the content writer on how to handle different topics. The temptation to copy the work of others may be strong sometimes because you may not have a clear idea of what you are writing about.

A content writer has to keep in mind that the reason you are writing the articles is because you are trusted by your clients that you deliver a fresh insight to a topic especially one that is used many times you do not know anymore how to put a spin on it. But I do believe that as writers even if you are a content writer, you can have many possibilities. You just have to let your imagination go.

I am not saying it is going to be easy. There will be difficulty that you will face in the course of writing content articles but the main thing that you need to remember is to be as original as you possibly can. When we read the work of others you have to be conscious that these works are the blood and tears of another person. In plagiarism, there are two sides of a coin, just imagine what you would feel if your work was the one copied by someone else.