There have been a lot of buzz going around in the business industry about outreach marketing. Like how this marketing agenda seems like a perfect scheme when reaching out to potential clients because it has influencers acting as middle men, making the transaction smooth and far from being obnoxious.

You may have used the conventional one-way email marketing, and yet you still feel like your business is not generating the kind of following that you’ve been trying to achieve. You feel like you’re wasting time, resources even, in trying to convince clients to root for your business.

So you’re thinking of going out of that box, and try something new to shift from your old habits of  using linear marketing methods to new and effective ones. Outreach marketing is a fairly new marketing strategy, so should you even consider it? What things should you consider before stepping your foot on the pedal and start a full-fledged marketing campaign?

Getting Started with Outreach Marketing


Unlike other marketing schemes, outreach marketing has a more specified target group in sight. If conventional marketing methods aim for certain age groups in random media, outreach marketing is much more deliberate.

So if there is one thing you should consider before going full blast with outreach marketing, that would be having a list of specified targets. Which age groups, race, gender, or even social standing does your targets belong to? What type of influencers do they listen to or believe in? What makes an influencer relevant to your campaign?

You can’t market your business like a whirling dervish, randomly approaching anyone on site, when doing your outreach. You need to be thorough, even in your listing, so you won’t find any of your requests wandering online.

And since this type of marketing employs influencers, a more secure and detailed listing is all the more a priority. Creating a well-prepared list will serve as a guide on the basic points to consider before getting started on a campaign,  such as:

  • Finding like-minded people who are writing about your topic
  • Finding people who use the same keywords on social media
  • Finding individuals that rank your topics in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • Finding people who love to comment and share articles online


Needless to say, you won’t be able to tend to these points if you don’t have a sufficient and detailed listing of your target market. So, first point, YOU NEED TO CREATE A LIST.

Wait, How Do I Reach Out to Influencers?


There are certain procedures that you need to take heed before going deeper with your outreach marketing.

One of the problems you might encounter when doing your outreach is the possibility of being ignored by your influencers. They, more or less, are receiving dozens, if not hundreds, of pitches a day. And as a result, your emails might get dismissed somewhere in their inbox as soon as it attempts to connect with your influencers. When done in the wrong way, your pitch might get ignored in the process.

The answer is simple, YOU NEED TO LOCATE THE PROPER CHANNELS after deciding on your listing. Finding key pages serves as your entry pass before convincing them with that personal way of marketing your business. Influencer have their own devices on how you can contact them. So it is important that you research on where to locate them, or when to reach out, in order to make the entire campaign much easier.

How to do outreach marketing?


There are many ways to do outreach marketing. But in this article we will settle on four basic elements, and understand why it should be the scheme not just for the development of your business, but also to strengthening your relationship with your clients.

Outreach marketing is an indirect way of throwing your weight around. Thanks mainly to your influencers who’ll be promoting your business making marketing as less annoying as it used to be for most clients. Your influencers are now bearing the brunt of the setup. But since they are specialists in their own right, your marketing will come in as an afterthought (so it seems).

Know the patterns of a good outreach marketing campaign


And these patterns come in a foursome. They are:

Preparing for a personalized pitch


Some people might find this surprising, but calling someone by their first name is a good “pick up line” when doing outreach marketing. The main thing to consider is to personalize your approach. It will do you good if you can mention a recent post that has their interest on it.

Going personal dispels any notion that they are responding to a spammer. People have had enough of annoying emails, but if you can reach out to them in a way that is not mechanical, but rather engaging and shows interest in them, they will respond to it with equal enthusiasm.

Planning the writing style to grab attention


Throw in some creativity. Grabbing people’s attention is always challenging, not to mention the kind of approach that you need to use for you to sustain the interest of your clients. You need to plan, if possible, for a more catchy approach, so you can pave the way for your outreach marketing.

A few tips that you need to do for an effective writing style for your outreach:

  • You need to keep your characters at bay. Keep it concise.
  • If possible, write more and test each one of them (and don’t limit your imagination)
  • Employ alliteration, because clients remember more if you repeat key words and phrases


Properly incentivizing the offer


Of course, like all business dealings, you need to have proper and appropriate incentives in exchange of your request. This is what makes outreach marketing interesting, because incentivizing people in nice, personal way increases your hold on them.


Some of the usual incentives given when doing outreach marketing include:

  • Free licenses to your audience, which, in some circles, a ploy to get the nod of your clients
  • Free tool use, which sometimes catches people’s attention since they can use tools without spending a dollar or two
  • Or a free invite of some affiliate package (commissions included)


If you can do one or two of these incentives, you are actually showing them that you value their contribution after reaching out to them.

Put a Call to Action Statement


Lastly, there has to be a call for action. You can’t just “throw your weight around”, so to speak, with your outreach marketing, and leave it empty-handed. There has to be a comment or a “like” at some point after every outreach, so you can make the necessary follow up, if need be, afterwards.

Some of the things you need to ask yourself when checking your outreach email are as follows:

  • When was it delivered
  • Are there any replies yet?
  • When was it opened?
  • Do I need some follow up on this?


Lastly, since you’re using a more personal approach to marketing, your clients won’t find you too aggressive as soon as you try to convince them to support, root, like, and even follow your business.

These points may not be applicable in all situations because there are influencers who have their own way of reaching clients. But the value of outreach marketing cannot be underestimated. Though personal in execution, it is a unique way to boost your business online and establish a good reputation as well.