I would not try to be a fortune teller and predict based on feelings and the alignment of the stars. Instead, my predictions will be based mostly on the industry know-how and hard facts I observed in the virtual community online marketing.

Prediction No. 1

E-mail is still a big form of online communication. Every day, there are new and faster ways to communicate in the World Wide Web, but as we move into the New Year, emails would still be a big thing when it comes to communication. One might think that it is a passé thing but it will still occupy a big chunk of marketing campaigns of products and services.

Prediction No. 2

Search engine optimization will not be a separate entity anymore. In fact, closer ties between SEO, social media and content are seen in the immediate future. There is evidence already to this and it became more obvious this year. It has not a more powerful potential to capture a big part of the online market community.

Prediction No. 3

Online marketing strategy will become more personalized. This means that customers would cease to be more than demographics or target markets. Instead, marketing firms will be delving deeper into understanding their needs and wants to provide a more satisfying service or product.

Prediction No. 4

Social media will still continue to be a force in the online marketing campaign. While before, marketing strategy existed on just a campaign that can span a number of months or years, the trend next year will be more focused on real time. The rapidly changing minds of consumers and the onslaught of newer technology mean that marketing should keep abreast on this matter. Hence, they would focus more on the in the moment type of marketing, hence, the use of social media that produces real time results will be crucial during this period.