It might be a topic that is talked about for a long time already. After all the popularity of Facebook is far reaching and it continues to be a strong leader when it comes to social media. If you have a Facebook account yourself you might be familiar in seeing many companies promoting their products and services. If you are a new entrepreneur and planning on making a fan page for your business here are some pros and cons that you can consider before finally putting your fan page in Facebook.


There are almost a billion people that are using Facebook. It spans from different continents. So this can give you an opportunity to be known not just in your area but in other places as well.

Facebook is highly accessible you can learn different information which can help you select or target the client that you want.

You can link your Facebook account with your company’s website. You can also link it to other social media sites that you may consider using as part of your marketing campaign for your product or services.

You can get instant feedback through the comment, like or share features that they have. This means you get customer feedback in real time or at its fastest.

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You might think that it can only take you a short time to be able to gain a following in your Facebook page. But the truth of the matter is that it can take a while especially if you are a new company. Fans or clients can be a bit more choosy therefore they take a while in deciding if they will want to follow you or not.

If you are the type who does not monitor or update the page then you might have a difficulty maintaining the FB fan page. One has to learn how to update and monitor so that one can find out the trending topics or issues necessary for a successful business.