The job of a web designer has become a status symbol these days. You would seem so cool and amazing if they found out that you are a web designer. Many young people would want to venture in this kind of profession. They think that it not only entails prestige but it can also let them earn a lot of money eventually. I do not exactly contradict this kind of thinking because I myself think that a web designer is cool and it can also be lucrative. However, before you really decide to enter into this field you should first answer the following questions as best you can.

There is no right or wrong answers, only answers that can enlighten you if you really are meant to be a web designer.

Do You Love to Browse the Web?

Most web designers are very interested in browsing the web. They look and study the different web pages. This is their school so to speak. It does not mean that if you do not like the web you cannot be a web designer but if you do it just for the money alone then maybe it is time to think of other option for a job.

Are You an Artistic Person?

There are people who love to create art through their drawings, paintings and even their music. For web designers, their art is expressed in the work they do. The web designs that they create are considered work of art in the virtual world. They are the Picassos and Monet of the computer world.

Do You Like To Learn about Computers?

The workplace of a web designer is the computer. One has to love every inch of the computer as well. It is not only the web that a web designer has to like but also the computer because it both a tool and a work environment for them.

If you answered “yes” to all three questions then you are on your way to becoming a web designer.